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  1. Janet K.
    Mar 21, 2016

    Unfortunately, I found this website after my husband had already dropped the computer off at our local Best Buy for repair by the Geek Squad.

    After reading these reviews for a couple hours it became clear that we were experiencing all too similar an experience.

    Ill tell you right off the bat, from day one we experienced problems getting direct answers to our questions and getting our PC repaired.

    In the end, we ended up doing more research on this company and found a few reviews that had suggested a similar service that was all online. The company,, actually repaired our machine and explained that GeekSquad had installed “bloatware” and “spyware” type programs on our machine.

    We are eternally grateful to have found a computer company that can be trusted.

    My suggestion is to find a local computer repair place, or someone like SafePCFix computer repair to repair your computer. In the end, it will be cheaper and less of a headache.

    Good luck to all of you out there, I just hope these reviews reached you before you already got scammed.

  2. When my laptop showed the blue screen of death, I thought the worst. I decided to take it to Geek Squad at Best Buy in Whitehall, PA. I explained to them what happened and they took my laptop and ran a “diagnostic test”. They then told me that it failed and the hard drive had a mechanical failure. They said the hard drive was trash and they couldn’t fix it. The only option they gave me was to spend upwards of $300 to purchase a new hard drive, operating system, and pay them to install everything. Luckily I am not a gullible dumbass and I decided to seek a second opinion. A family friend said they would take a look at the laptop for me. THEY FIXED IT IN AN HOUR. They found a corrupt file, a.k.a. a freaking virus, that apparently geek squad completely ignored. The hard drive did not have a mechanical failure and the virus was removed and the laptop is now working perfectly. I am so offended that Geek Squad lied to me and tried to rip me off for hundreds of dollars! I will never ever ever use or recommend this dishonest company ever again.

  3. Bill Davis
    Mar 15, 2016

    “Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company’s business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don’t worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs…. A simple task of installing a new hard drive on the HP laptop left for repair resulted in four missing screws on the underside. Plus the keyboard was not intact (hard to guess what spare parts may have ended up on the work table) and eight keys on the keyboard would not function. Upon return to the store to report the condition I was told “we are not authorized to open the case” …The case had to be opened to install the hard drive…

    These poor young employees are being fed and fattened up on a corporate line of mumbo jumbo that covers up ineptness and a fraudulent business model… eventually the result will be the end of any integrity for the Geek Squad brand and their own employment….One employee obviously attuned to the environmental conditions quietly handed me the business card of …Needless to say when I checked in with these guys they were friendly, helpful, respectful, knowledgeable, quick to diagnose the issue and reasonably priced…now that is a great business model. I have no problem with a referral…Buyer Beware at Best Buy and Geek Squad Agents…. if you are interested, same guy, has the best techs in this industry in my fair opinion.

  4. Mr. Taylor
    Mar 12, 2016

    I wish I read the reviews prior to dropping my computer off at the Geek Squad in Manchester, CT. A few things had happened that made this experience very unpleasant. I dropped my computer off and before they even looked at it I had to purchase the 1 year service plan and for them to back up my files the cost was $287.00 I thought a little expensive but if they fix the computer okay it was worth it. Next when they tried contacting me about my computer problems they emailed me – think about this for one second. I realize most people have smart phones and other way to access their emails. However, if one dropped their computer off to be fixed. you would think they would have limited ways of getting to view their email. A phone call probably would have been much better option. They said my computer needed a recovery disk and asked if I had one. My reply was no. Then they said I need to get one on my own then bring the recovery disk back to the geek squad so they can install it. My response was “I’m paying you guys to fix my computer shouldn’t you be getting the recovering disk and installing it?” The Geek Squad guy said “no it is your responsibility to get it we do that” feeling very disgusted at this point. I said if you take your broken car to a mechanic to be fixed. Do they call up and have you order the car parts and bring the parts to them for installation? – of course not. So I took my computer back because for $287.00 I would expect better service. I then left with my computer and called an online repair company, To make a long story short They had my computer up and running and back to me within six hours. The kicker was they didn’t email to tell my problem with the computer they called me. I didn’t have to go out and purchase parts for the computer. They were able to repair everything over the internet. My bill came to $158.27 half the price of Geek Squad with less hassle and much better customer service. Sorry Geek Squad I will never use your service again.

  5. C Frank
    Mar 11, 2016

    I received a fitbit charge hr for christmas and in early Mar (not even 90 days) it stopped working and would not charge anymore. I called Geek Squad 3 times and they kept refering me to the website. I went the site 3 times and tried to submit a claim but would not except my code on receipt. Called the 1-800# for the forth time and finally someone took my info to start the claim. I find out that all they will do for me with a replacement plan was give me a gift card for the cost of the purchase. After spending the money on a replacement plan and spending all the time trying to use it i will not be purchasing anything from Best Buy or ever use Geek Squad again. I know of someone who purchased the same fitbit I did at London Drugs and when it stopped working they went into the store with the product and walked out with a new one. I believe that that is the way it should work when you purchase a replacement package not waiting and then getting a gift card and not the product you purchased. VERY poor service!!!

  6. The worst possible service EVER. An agent came to our Offices. Our pc’s / laptops needed to be connected to the central printer. When the agent left 2 units could not print and the printer was no longer able to scan. We contacted geek squad – it’s now coming up to 3 days and NOTHING. No help, no suggestion of help, no one has been sent out to to rectify the situation we have been given the run around and passed from pillar to post every time we call. All of the managers hang up or trick us into thinking they are looking into it but actually just transfer me to a call operator who does not have the authority to offer emergency help or send anyone out. We have paid out more than $150 for a call out that resulted in more problems than when the agent came. I find this truly appalling, people should know what, or what not to expect if any follow up assistance is ever required.

    Do your research before hiring anyone to work on your machine. We ended up finding a company listed by a scammed patron here and called them. Safepcfix is based in orange county, but they were able to connect to the printers and the computers and get them all talking to one another. It only took a few hours, but was less expensive than the quoted price, and took less time.

    Dont become a victim!

  7. Gary Zielke
    Mar 8, 2016

    I purchased a new HP envy computer from Best buy in Nanaimo B.C.
    A salesperson convinced me that I should purchase a monthly support contract from Geek Squad for $14.95/month for 6 months.
    The support I received was to have an agent take control of my computer to resolve an issue I had with one of my programs. When I was told to restart my computer to resolve the problem my Windows 10 operating system crashed and I lost a number of paid programs which I had to either reinstall or repurchase because they were only available as downloads.
    This has cost me over $300 dollars. I contacted Geek Squad to cancel my 6-month contract and refund me for the months I had already paid. They refused both requests and charged me an additional fee for cancelling the contract prematurely.
    I do not believe it is right to be charged for service that was not only not provided but left me in a condition that was worse than the one I was in before requesting their help.
    I would not recommend The Geek Squad support to anyone.

  8. I never thought I will take my old PC to a computer shop for repair as I believed everyone just wanted to make money without providing good service. Unfortunately while I was in midst of some project work my old desktop broke down and I had to take it to the best buy at Regent for urgent troubleshooting. I was more than happy when I did not have to wait a long time to get my issue addressed and a young gentleman “Sandeep” came over to address my issues. By taklking to him I realised that he was a computer engineer and had some computer certifications as well. I felt I was in safe hands and was impressed by his knowledge about the computers and the solutions he offered. I was thinking about 300-400 bucks but ended up spending way less and not only my computer problem was resolved, I also realised that my computer’s overall performance had also improved. This is what I call good customer service where you get what you expect and something that you never asked for. Overall I felt satisfied with the technical prawness of the Geek Squad and the politeness of its staff. I would definetely recommend its services.

  9. David S.
    Mar 6, 2016

    They are not really “geeks.” The people at the Geek Squad are average (or below) technicians.
    I paid for a $200 subscription because of a specific problem with a software driver, and when the computer was returned, they had not addressed the problem. When I took the computer back, they admitted that they could not do anything useful.
    If you have a very simple problem, the Geek Squad can probably handle it, but if you have anything more complex, find someone else.

  10. 0 stars
    I am glad i just read the reviews today. I had an appointment scheduled a week out. It was for today. Today, i got a call from the Scheduling Department saying “for unforeseen reasons” we are going to have to cancel your appointment. They gave no other explanation, and said they would RE-SCHEDULE me for ANOTHER week out. They would mean that my computer was down for 2 weeks now. Due to there un-professionalism, i decided to research the company more. I will look at this as a blessing in disguise upon reading all the horrible reviews. STAY AWAY from the Geeksquad and go to a more trusted and established online computer repair company. We found an online repair company named, (another reviewer here suggested it.) They were able to repair the computer properly and get us back up and running. All without having to take apart our machine and take it anywhere. The most valuable part to us was that our technician called the manager at best buy and asked them to refund our money because they didn’t fix it correctly. The refund more than paid for the “work” those guys did to our computer.

  11. This company is made on the blood and hard earned money of people. I have two iphone plans with them and a laptop. our phone monthly plan is 13.99 per month that total to 335.76 X2 = 671.52 not mentioning tax and the laptop plan payments.

    After I needed to use the protection plan to my damaged Iphone they fuking send me a gift card for $270 heheheheeheh
    The owner and CEO of geek squad company can send his wife to me for that gift card. Then only they fulfill the contract.

  12. My parents have been loyal GS customers for several years & have had virtually no complaints. However, recently I called the local Best Buy (where geek squad is located) to ask about recycling some TV’s that the local garbage company won’t take (they referred me to Best Buy). I called ahead to see if an appointment was needed. After an hour on the phone being transferred, dropped, given another # to call and being on hold, I was told that no appointment was needed & yes they took TV’s for recycling. That was on Feb 9. Today (Feb 21) I show up & am told rather rudely that they stopped taking them on Feb. 1. Whether this lack of communication is the fault of GS or BB, is debateable as certainly BB’s customer service leaves quite a bit to be desired too!

  13. john greendyk
    Feb 10, 2016

    I have to do a 5 star call out to Nikom at the chesterfield county store. I had a problem with an HP printer (second one,It was a replacement from Hp.) He could not fix it,it was helpless but reinstalled a new printer and pointed me in the right direction. Super customer service.

  14. Kim E.
    Feb 5, 2016

    Kevin at the Fredericksburg, VA, store was absolutely fantastic. I brought in an Alienware laptop that had been through the deserts of Iraq- infected, dirty, and it would turn itself off without warning. The Geeks fixed our computer, cleaned it up, and took great care of us in record time. I can’t say enough about Kevin’s professionalism. The front desk Geeks were courteous, helpful and genuine. Thank you Geeks at the Fredericksburg store, I will definitely come back ?

  15. Kim E.
    Feb 5, 2016

    Kevin at the Fredericksburg, VA, store was absolutely fantastic. I brought in an Alienware laptop that had been through the deserts of Iraq- infected, dirty, and it would turn itself off without warning. The Geeks fixed our computer, cleaned it up, and took great care of us in record time. I can’t say enough about Kevin’s professionalism. The front desk Geeks were courteous, helpful and genuine. Thank you Geeks at the Fredericksburg store, I will definitely come back ?

  16. Donald Gidley
    Jan 18, 2016

    Took tablet in to see about getting a new battery installed. Was told that it would be better if I just bought a new tablet because it would cost more to replace the battery (over $200) than the tablet cost. I went over to look at tablet and the perswon at the counter recommend a local repair place. I went there and for $69 the repair shop ordered and installed a new battery.
    This is the third time I have attempted to get service from the geek squad and every time I get told the same thing to replace the item with a new one purchased from Best Buy, of course.

  17. Linda Gustafson
    Jan 10, 2016

    0 Stars for Geek Squad.

    The only service we have been given by Geek Squad in the last 2 years is “lip service”. We trek into Best Buy in DeKalb, Illinois and after having had our laptop “repaired” (yet again) are told that it now works even faster… just to get home and discover that the same old messages appear on the screen that block us from utilizing the laptop and it certainly doesn’t run any faster as touted by the tech. The last time we used an online tech, we were glued to the laptop for 8 hours in order to assist/be available for instructions and all to no avail. For 2 years we paid the service contract and for that money we get computer lingo and empty promises to move us along. They aren’t providing the service that they advertise. (Isn’t false advertising illegal?) Due to their inability, ineptness or lack of concern, along with the daily frustration of repeatedly being blocked from sites or kicked out midstream due to “This page is unavailable” & “Proxy Server not working”, we are not able to watch Netflix or Amazon streaming that we paid for. On our last waste of time, frustrating venture to Best Buy, we were assured that the Proxy Server issue had been resolved, but it wasn’t/isn’t. We feel that we should be reimbursed for services NOT rendered. We paid for a year of service in December, so they have our money and we get ZILCH. We will check into

  18. I stopped in to drop off my laptop that I’ve been needing to get repaired for a few months now due to some slowness and what seemed like virus type issues. I was told that there were “no appointments available” and I’d “need to make a reservation”. It took me months just to find time to drop it off, but alas, I needed to get it fixed. I scheduled an appt for the following week. I asked if I could simply just leave it, they get to it when they get to it, and I’d pick it up later. Nope. No worries. Brought it in the following week. Waited 9 days before I got a call back saying that they were still working on it. I finally got it picked up a FULL TWO WEEKS after it was dropped off. Once I got it home, plugged everything in, and typed in my password, the virus popped up on my screen again. NO RESOLUTION. I cant even understand what they did. I had to find someone to get it fixed correctly. So I was happy to find, and online based, but local to us shop. They were actually able to connect to my computer and repair it the same day- The guy also called best buy and wrote up a report on the damages on the computer so I could get a refund. It took them a week or so, but he got all of my money refunded. It always makes me feel better to support smaller businesses anyway! They saved me money over the geek squad and fixed it much faster and so far, so good!

  19. My daughter dropped her laptop and the screen was cracked. Luckily it was still under warranty, they fixed it at no charge. Unfortunately, my graceful daughter dropped it again a week after it was home and it appeared to be broken again. This time my warranty had run out, so Geek Squad charged me a fee to have it shipped to TN for diagnostics. The diagnosis came back as not only was the screen broke, they said there were many other things broken and was going to cost over $700…more than what the laptop cost when I bought it. I said no thanks, give me my laptop which of course I got it back and they kept the $89 for the diagnostic fee. I held onto the laptop considering what to do when my friend suggested I hook it up to my desktop monitor, see what happens. I did and something popped up on my monitor, so I called SafePCFix, as someone suggested here, and didn’t tell them exactly what Geek Squad said was wrong with it but in a round about way. They said “Geek Squad is the reason guys like us are in business!” And Geek Squad had put a password on my laptop (I’m assuming for my protection) however they did not remove it when they gave it back to me. These guys were able to by-pass the code and run their diagnostics on it. Guess what…only the screen needed to be replaced as I expected. Geek Squad is a total rip off and I’d give them a zero if I could! Check out the safepcfix guys for things like this. They’re honest and want their customers to return to them!

  20. Mike P.
    Dec 30, 2015

    I would give this terrible service no stars if possible!

    I tried for two weeks to contact Geeksquad to install a simple stereo in my wife’s car. After several online and phone attempts I went to the Cranberry, PA store and waited in line for 20 mins to speak with an agent.

    When I did speak with someone it was a disheveled looking kid with greasy black shaggy hair and glasses. His GS sweater was stretched, dirty and faded, his “white” undershirt was dirt grey in color.

    He was rude and dismissive. He asked for my cell # to “text me when some one would be available to assist me”. After an hour of waiting, no text. When I went back to the counter no one was there and Mr. Dirtball had left for the day.

    I just tried to call the Lafayette, PA store and was hung up on. Then, when I called back and FINALLY got through the automation I was told to go online and schedule an appointment. What’s next? I install the stereo myself too?

    This company will be liquidated very soon. It’s obvious this service is just for uneducated people who buy crappy overpriced Apple-look-alike Windows junk and then NEED then it to be fixed two weeks later.

    Wont spend another dime at Best Buy.

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