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Please provide a review about your experience with Geek Squad at Best Buy computer repair service. Be sure to

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select a star rating of 1 thru 5 stars taking into considering such factors such as their customer service, price comparison, value, quality of service provided, and any other factors important to you.

Are you an unsatisfied customer? Have you been scammed by Geek Squad? You

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can post a complaint or even post a warning about Geek Squad service to their

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satisfied Geek Squad Best Buy customer that wants to tell

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everyone about your experience? Please share your feedback with the online community by posting here.

  1. Janet K.
    Feb 28, 2015

    Unfortunately, I found this website after my husband had already dropped the computer off at our local Best Buy for repair by the Geek Squad.

    After reading these reviews for a couple hours it became clear that we were experiencing all too similar an experience.

    Ill tell you right off the bat, from day one we experienced problems getting direct answers to our questions and getting our PC repaired.

    In the end, we ended up doing more research on this company and found a few reviews that had suggested a similar service that was all online. The company, Secure Remote, actually repaired our machine and explained that GeekSquad had installed “bloatware” and “spyware” type programs on our machine.

    We are eternally grateful to have found a computer company that can be trusted.

    My suggestion is to find a local computer repair place, or someone like SafePCFix computer repair to repair your computer. In the end, it will be cheaper and less of a headache.

    Good luck to all of you out there, I just hope these reviews reached you before you already got scammed.

  2. Don’t use Geek Squad for Cell phone warranty. Go directly with your carrier for 2 reasons: First, Geek Squad’s standard answer to any problem is always to reset back to factory settings when my carrier (Sprint) always looks at the phone and diagnoses the problem. Lazy and frustrating. Second, their warranty ran out after 2 years. My Samsung Note II worked really well for 2 years then 1.5 weeks after the warranty expired (which I did not know it expired) the charging port broke and I had to pay out of pocket. Sprint’s warranty would have simply continued on. All in all it will be much better for you to get your cell phone warranty directly from your carrier.

  3. Scheduled in home service – got message that it would need to be rescheduled after talking to 3 ‘agents’
    was told the only repair person in my area was out until end of March – they would get back with a new
    date to have my machine looked at — a fast way to say good luck and do not bother us – will not renew my contract with them.

  4. Mr. Taylor
    Feb 24, 2015

    I wish I read the reviews prior to dropping my computer off at the Geek Squad in Manchester, CT. A few things had happened that made this experience very unpleasant. I dropped my computer off and before they even looked at it I had to purchase the 1 year service plan and for them to back up my files the cost was $287.00 I thought a little expensive but if they fix the computer okay it was worth it. Next when they tried contacting me about my computer problems they emailed me – think about this for one second. I realize most people have smart phones and other way to access their emails. However, if one dropped their computer off to be fixed. you would think they would have limited ways of getting to view their email. A phone call probably would have been much better option. They said my computer needed a recovery disk and asked if I had one. My reply was no. Then they said I need to get one on my own then bring the recovery disk back to the geek squad so they can install it. My response was “I’m paying you guys to fix my computer shouldn’t you be getting the recovering disk and installing it?” The Geek Squad guy said “no it is your responsibility to get it we do that” feeling very disgusted at this point. I said if you take your broken car to a mechanic to be fixed. Do they call up and have you order the car parts and bring the parts to them for installation? – of course not. So I took my computer back because for $287.00 I would expect better service. I then left with my computer and called an online repair company, To make a long story short They had my computer up and running and back to me within six hours. The kicker was they didn’t email to tell my problem with the computer they called me. I didn’t have to go out and purchase parts for the computer. They were able to repair everything over the internet. My bill came to $158.27 half the price of Geek Squad with less hassle and much better customer service. Sorry Geek Squad I will never use your service again.

  5. The worst possible service EVER. An agent came to our Offices. Our pc’s / laptops needed to be connected to the central printer. When the agent left 2 units could not print and the printer was no longer able to scan. We contacted geek squad – it’s now coming up to 3 days and NOTHING. No help, no suggestion of help, no one has been sent out to to rectify the situation we have been given the run around and passed from pillar to post every time we call. All of the managers hang up or trick us into thinking they are looking into it but actually just transfer me to a call operator who does not have the authority to offer emergency help or send anyone out. We have paid out more than $150 for a call out that resulted in more problems than when the agent came. I find this truly appalling, people should know what, or what not to expect if any follow up assistance is ever required.

    Do your research before hiring anyone to work on your machine. We ended up finding a company listed by a scammed patron here and called them. Safepcfix is based in orange county, but they were able to connect to the printers and the computers and get them all talking to one another. It only took a few hours, but was less expensive than the quoted price, and took less time.

    Dont become a victim!

  6. I purchased a laptop from best buy. Called geek squad,laptop has a virus.TECH reading off a script. Shame on Best buy.Tech didn’t know how to work windows 8. I’ll return laptop to best buy.Scottsdale Az Store has gone downhill.

  7. I was cold-called by someone who posed as Geek Squad trying to get into my computer. They walked me through a process to install software so that they could access my computer remotely. I got several pieces of information from them including a cell phone number in California. Figuring that Geek Squad would want to know about this to take action, I called GS to request to speak to their fraud department. I got transferred several times and waited on hold for about 15 minutes. Finally, after proving them with no information, a rep said that they are aware of this issue and taking care of it. I asked if they want any info from me to help with their investigation and they said “no”! Totally not convinced that they are taking any kind of action here whatsoever. Clearly sent me the message that they did not want to be bothered with this sort of thing. Why not get info from me? Why not build an investigation to help put an end to people impersonating your company for wrong doing? Why not post a message on your homepage to not trust anyone posing as them and state that you don’t call people to try to log into their computer? Why not do something that makes it seem like you give a damn? You suck Geek Squad!

  8. zorba j
    Feb 12, 2015

    Your phone tech support is a nightmare. I have spent three days, a total of 10 hrs on the phone. The problem was my software, Snagit. On the third day a genius comes to the rescue. He did get the Snagit to work (maybe) but now the printer will not print. To make me happy, he cleaned my computer and with that he put my husband’s technical papers and all his files in the recycle bin. On 2.11 I want to use my printer, no go. I want to look for some documents for my husband and everything is gone. I call again and Geeks and find the only smart employee in your company named Nora, she recovered the missing files. Day 2.12, I called Geeks again and find the second Genius with the name –H2. Great, we have put all the files in order, but we can’t open them because we need the product key. I was then told by –H2 that I needed to update my Microsoft Office version (2007) to a newer version which would be 2013. Now I need to go to buy Microsoft Office 2013, so it can work again, which costs $149.99. If I am paying a company to be serviced, I wish to recieve a competent service that is not going to interfere with my budget.

  9. Jaclyn
    Feb 11, 2015

    I had the most awful experience with Geek Squad, not only from the Best Buy store, but also from their repair center. I brought my computer to Geek Squad in Lincoln, NE. They shipped it out (under the wrong service number. They did not tell me about this, until I called after three weeks of them “working” on my computer. They then told me the issue at hand and gave me a new service number. I am still waiting for my computer, as it is closing in on four weeks. Ridiculous service, terrible workers, and a huge lack of communication from all ends.

  10. Bill Davis
    Feb 6, 2015

    “Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company’s business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don’t worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs…. A simple task of installing a new hard drive on the HP laptop left for repair resulted in four missing screws on the underside. Plus the keyboard was not intact (hard to guess what spare parts may have ended up on the work table) and eight keys on the keyboard would not function. Upon return to the store to report the condition I was told “we are not authorized to open the case” …The case had to be opened to install the hard drive…

    These poor young employees are being fed and fattened up on a corporate line of mumbo jumbo that covers up ineptness and a fraudulent business model… eventually the result will be the end of any integrity for the Geek Squad brand and their own employment….One employee obviously attuned to the environmental conditions quietly handed me the business card of a secure remote support. …Needless to say when I checked in with these guys they were friendly, helpful, respectful, knowledgable, quick to diagnose the issue and reasonably priced…now that is a great business model. I have no problem with a referral…Buyer Beware at Best Buy and Geek Squad Agents….

  11. I’ll give them 1 star since they did get me another phone the next day. The reason that I chose the Geek Squad plan was because the salesperson specifically told me that they have NO deductible. Now I was charged $149 plus tax and of course that person no longer works there. I don’t mind paying a deductible if I know up front. I talked to a Geek Squad rep and the store manager with no results. Best Buy is now on my no buy list and I’m changing to protection provided through my wireless provider.

  12. denise
    Jan 31, 2015

    I’m upset that after dealing with best buy for years for cell phones, paying the insurance 10.00 every month only to find out they charge you a service fee now of 149.00 if I would have known this I would have dropped the lousy insurance plan and went with sprint. best buy will never get my mobile business again.

  13. Too bad there is not an option for zero stars. The ineptness from the store level to the call center is incredible.
    Tried 3 times to get someone to come out for a consultation for a home theater install and every appointment was a “no show”, although every “agent” I spoke to assured me I was in the schedule and the appointment is confirmed. I’m now going back to the store for a refund and going to another AV company. I guess I am lucky. I could have gone forward with the installation and been ripped off for incompentent work and had a bigger problem. The company has severe disfunctional problems , starting with the bobo in the store that didn’t even know how to book the sale for the consultation to every “Agent” aka “Idiot” that tries to tell you everthing is fine, when clearly its not. Horrible experience and waste of my time.

  14. Agent Sheldon L – excellent service, prompt, efficient, business like, and quick.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it very much indeed.

    Sincerely, Elba

  15. mitchel
    Jan 29, 2015

    Best Buy let me give you some advice, get rid of the Geek Squad. To say their behavior was shameful is an understatement. An older gentlemen pays $99 for a service contract on a new computer & accessories. Less then a yr later he brings his computer in because there is a problem. They tell him he has to pay another $84 for them to find out what the problem is. 4 Days later, having received no updates either via email or phone, he goes in & he’s told that they don’t have his computer. He shows them his receipt ($84) & low & behold they find it. He’s told “we’ve been very busy & haven’t gotten around to it. We’ll call you when when it’s ready”. 4 Days later, still no word, he goes in & he’s told they couldn’t find the problem. They tell him his warranty has expired (after 10 months). He reminds them the computer is less then 1 yr old, which apparently they forgot. He’s told to contact the manufacturer. Which he did & they were great. They send a tech to his home who fixed his computer, at no charge. The tech tells him that the Geek Squad should have a back up of his computer & to have them re-install it on his computer. He goes back to the Geek Squad. They first tell him that they don’t have it but after some hemming & hawing they find it. 4 Days later, no phone call or email, so he goes back to the store to get an update. They tel l him that they didn’t get around to it & they’ll call him when it’s done. Instead he tells them that he’ll be back in 4 days. He’s back. They tell him they need all the CD’s the manufacturer’s Tech gave him. He tell them that all the programs were installed by the tech. They tell him they must have it otherwise they can’t load the back up. So he goes home & leaves the CD’s with them. Again, it’s 4 days later, no phone call, no email, so back he goes. After some hemming & hawing they give him back his computer with his back up installed & return the CD’s he had given them. At which point they tell him his Service contract with the Geek Squad has expired & would he like to renew. At this point I would like to use some colorful language but unlike the Geek Squad I have better manners. SHAME, SHAME on the Geek Squad for taking an elderly man for an expensive ride & treating him with such disrespect. Needless to say I shall advertise to everyone I know, and I know many, to NOT deal with the Geek Squad & explain why they shouldn’t.

  16. Terrible experience. Called to get them to show me how the 500 dollar receiver I bought at Best Buy worked. After spending about 2k at best buy, they refused to make it a service call fee to show me how the receiver worked. Instead they wanted to charge me an additional “package fee”. Instead of the 79.00 dollar rate to go through and explain the receiver, I had to agree to pay an additional 135.00 (instillation fee) even though everything is already installed. It’s a complete scam and now I’m in the process of googling Geek Squad competitors so I can get a fair price. Thanks Geek Squad for nothing!!

  17. Vicki Brand
    Jan 26, 2015

    DO NOT USE! I purchased a one year protection plan through Best Buy on my new ASUS laptop. I was informed this was covered anything that could go wrong. 11 months later, something did – I apparently picked up a virus or a Worm Norton couldn’t attack. I called Geek Squad and guess what – Unless my hardware was mis-performing I had no coverage. My hardware was covered for 1 year by the manufacturer. SO, BEST BUY and GEEK SQUAD both got me for 1 year of NOTHING. Don’t waste your money!!!

  18. Hello,

    I’m glad I have this opportunity to provide feedback as I am extremely concerned with my experience with Geek Squad.

    In October I purchased a brand new home and swing by Best Buy on Fairway Rd in Kitchener looking to look at home audio options.

    My question was simple, I was looking for away to add speakers in rooms and control them from a central location in my home, like from a phone or tablet.

    I asked to speak with a Geek Squad but no one was available. So they scheduled an appointment for geek squad to come to my house. Which I thought was unusual, since I just had a questions about options available. I said, “can they call” the rep insisted it would be better for them to sit down with me. I agreed since he insisted.

    So Geek Squad showed up at my house a few days later. They had no idea why they were there when they arrived. I explained it again to them (speaker, with a central control) and they said they would get back to me with options and prices. One guy did all the talking, I asked what the other guy thought and he told me “I am not allowed to talk”??? (which I thought was just a joke at the time, but now I wonder). They took pictures of my blueprints for my new home and wrote down my personal contact info. Saying “we will be in touch”

    Which brings me to my questions and concerns.
    Why has no one gotten back to me? Did I in fact invite actual Geek Squad employees in my home? Most importantly, why take the pictures of my blueprints and where are they now?



  19. Elyse Frydman
    Jan 23, 2015

    I noticed a service charge for WebRoot billed by GeekSquad for $43. I spent the next half an hour trying to cancel the service and secure a refund to my credit card. It is absolutely ridiculous that they fought so long to maintain their unreasonable position.
    Iris finally conceded and yielded to our request for a charge reversal… something that any other vendor would have done in a few minutes.

  20. Geek Squad is a BIG SCAM! I am so disappointed that agents didn’t seem to have as much as knowledge as me. Imagine being left on hold on-line. That’s what they did to me.

    There was no resolution at all.

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