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Please provide a review about your experience with Geek Squad at Best Buy computer repair service. Be sure to

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select a star rating of 1 thru 5 stars taking into considering such factors such as their customer service, price comparison, value, quality of service provided, and any other factors important to you.

Are you an unsatisfied customer? Have you been scammed by Geek Squad? You

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can post a complaint or even post a warning about Geek Squad service to their

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satisfied Geek Squad Best Buy customer that wants to tell

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everyone about your experience? Please share your feedback with the online community by posting here.

  1. MINUS 10 STARS What a scam! GEEK SQUAD will charge your credit cards over and over!! FED UP with GEEK SQUAD! WHAT A SCAM!!!!! I have been charge THREE time on my credit card by these scammers! Yet GEEK SQUAD talk to you, NO WAY! Customer service account are handled outside the USA and they dont speak or clearly understand American English and I have been hung up on several times! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I am still after a year plus in dispute with credit card companies to settle this matter! DONT GET HOOK ON GEEK SQUAD! GEEK SQUAD WILL NOT TALK WITH YOU AND BEST BUY WILL NOT HELP OR SUPPORT YOU!!!!

  2. 0 stars
    I had two appointments for Geek Squad in home set up of media furniture and T.V. The service ‘window’ was 12:00 to 4:00. The technicians did not show up on Tuesday and after a call to the service department the appointment was scheduled for Friday. Again the technician did not show up. Another call to service department to learn that the ‘agent’ responsible for this job cannot be reached by phone, but they would send him an e -mail instructing him to call me on my cell phone………still waiting…….
    What employee working for the home set up department of Geek Squad can’t be reached by company phone?
    I had no idea Geek Squad was such a poorly run business.
    Geek Squad wasted eight hours of my time… more!

  3. 0 stars
    I am glad i just read the reviews today. I had an appointment scheduled a week out. It was for today. Today, i got a call from the Scheduling Department saying “for unforeseen reasons” we are going to have to cancel your appointment. They gave no other explanation, and said they would RE-SCHEDULE me for ANOTHER week out. They would mean that my computer was down for 2 weeks now. Due to there un-professionalism, i decided to research the company more. I will look at this as a blessing in disguise upon reading all the horrible reviews. STAY AWAY from the Geeksquad and go to a more trusted and established online computer repair company. We found an online repair company named, (another reviewer here suggested it.) They were able to repair the computer properly and get us back up and running. All without having to take apart our machine and take it anywhere. The most valuable part to us was that our technician called the manager at best buy and asked them to refund our money because they didn’t fix it correctly. The refund more than paid for the “work” those guys did to our computer.

  4. B. Nilson
    Jul 10, 2014


    I would like to compliment Agent Calvano at the Flagstaff Best Buy. It’s people like him who restore my faith in humanity, especially when dealing with computer repair! Agent Calvano is an asset to the Geek Squad at the Flagstaff Best Buy, thanks for all of your help! It makes me want to shop there!

  5. I took my desk top in as it would not start up. Told them not to delete my programs or any personal data, or to call me if they had to do so. Picked it up this morning and EVERYTHING, all my work, all my files, ALL MY PROGRAMS are gone. Called and was told they could on line reinstall them and given the 800 # to do so. Called and was told nope, they saved nothing and I was out of luck. NEVER EVER GO TO GEEK SQUAD. This is going to cost me three times a new computer in both programs and time to get my job back on line. I was actually told “too bad, just purchase your programs again and reinstall them.” Not actually possible and def not that easy.

  6. mprentice
    Jul 7, 2014


    After carrying the protection plan for a few months, I had called to request canceling the monthly renewal back in Jan. 2013 and was verbally told it would be cancelled. Despite that – my card has continued to be charged for the last 18 months!!! I called again in June, 2014, to again insist on canceling and to insist this time getting confirmation in writing. They gave me a reference number (since they cannot send out an email confirmation) – it should be cancelled now. However, they deny there was any previous request received and refuse to refund prior payments.

  7. I took our laptop into Best Buy as it was still under warranty Track pad and touch pad were no longer working. They shipped it out and told me it would be back in 2 weeks. I was also told the service people would call me once they knew what was wrong. Never got a call or email. Went to pick it up, they fixed the track pad TOTALLY FORGOT TO WORK ON THE TOUCH SCREEN. The Geek Squad rep in Best Buy said he would overnight it. Just found out now (went in on 7/1) that he did 2 DAY air instead and the laptop has yet to arrive for REPAIR THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE THE 1st TIME. He obviously did not DO what he promise and we are stuck for and additional time without a repaired laptop. They tried to say it was due to holiday— well that’s a lie–I brought it in the evening of the 1st, it SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT early a.m. on Wednesday July 2nd but it did not. It had NOTHING to do with the holiday — it had to do with LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  8. Linda Gustafson
    Jul 6, 2014


    0 Stars for Geek Squad.

    The only service we have been given by Geek Squad in the last 2 years is “lip service”. We trek into Best Buy in DeKalb, Illinois and after having had our laptop “repaired” (yet again) are told that it now works even faster… just to get home and discover that the same old messages appear on the screen that block us from utilizing the laptop and it certainly doesn’t run any faster as touted by the tech. The last time we used an online tech, we were glued to the laptop for 8 hours in order to assist/be available for instructions and all to no avail. For 2 years we paid the service contract and for that money we get computer lingo and empty promises to move us along. They aren’t providing the service that they advertise. (Isn’t false advertising illegal?) Due to their inability, ineptness or lack of concern, along with the daily frustration of repeatedly being blocked from sites or kicked out midstream due to “This page is unavailable” & “Proxy Server not working”, we are not able to watch Netflix or Amazon streaming that we paid for. On our last waste of time, frustrating venture to Best Buy, we were assured that the Proxy Server issue had been resolved, but it wasn’t/isn’t. We feel that we should be reimbursed for services NOT rendered. We paid for a year of service in December, so they have our money and we get ZILCH. We will check into

  9. Martin
    Jul 6, 2014


    Brought my CPU to Best Buy in Waterford, CT to have a virus clean-up. The people I dealt with were very professional. I bought the one year service plan for $200 which included their virus protection TrendMicro which I asked them not to install since I already had McAfee for another year. I
    am OK with this as I have McAfee on my other CPU. Had some problems getting on to my e-mails and Favorites
    after CPU was hooked up. Had very good service on the phone with tech support and problems are all solved.

  10. I don’t give reviews. Period. But feel I need to leave one for Geek Squad from Best Buy. A. you can’t get anyone to come out and see you for days which when you have no network connection is just not ok. B. this is a fix that can be explained over the phone but this service is “not available”. C. the so-called technicians know jack about computers, networks or anything else related. I couldn’t even get a “tech” to show me how to print a document! Just don’t waste your time with this outfit…

  11. I stopped in to drop off my laptop that I’ve been needing to get repaired for a few months now due to some slowness and what seemed like virus type issues. I was told that there were “no appointments available” and I’d “need to make a reservation”. It took me months just to find time to drop it off, but alas, I needed to get it fixed. I scheduled an appt for the following week. I asked if I could simply just leave it, they get to it when they get to it, and I’d pick it up later. Nope. No worries. Brought it in the following week. Waited 9 days before I got a call back saying that they were still working on it. I finally got it picked up a FULL TWO WEEKS after it was dropped off. Once I got it home, plugged everything in, and typed in my password, the virus popped up on my screen again. NO RESOLUTION. I cant even understand what they did. I had to find someone to get it fixed correctly. So I was happy to find, and online based, but local to us shop. They were actually able to connect to my computer and repair it the same day- The guy also called best buy and wrote up a report on the damages on the computer so I could get a refund. It took them a week or so, but he got all of my money refunded. It always makes me feel better to support smaller businesses anyway! They saved me money over the geek squad and fixed it much faster and so far, so good!

  12. Ed Parslo
    Jul 3, 2014


    Like to tell you of of my most recent experience. I’ve been in computer repair, networking, etc. for 25 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how such sloppy work can continue as the Geek Squad has.

    Neighbor Lady bought a Samsung laptop from BB about 7 months ago and opted to add their extended protection plan. A couple of months ago she tripped over the charger cord, sending the laptop to the floor where it struck on the rear corner where the charger connects. She kept using it as everything else looked OK, but when the battery ran out she couldn’t recharge it. Took it to the Geeks who sent it into Samsung where they replaced the MB and sent it back in working condition once again.

    When she took it in the Geeks assured her that they would back up her system and all her data and when they got it back it would be restored. They got it back and instead of restoring it to like it was when she took it in, they restored it from the recovery partition, then tried to start applying updates but somehow could not. So there was her laptop sitting at Windows 8, without any of her data or her Office or her Kaspersky AV present. When she asked them where her data, office, etc. was they said that she didn’t request any backups. Wrong thing to say to a woman who holds onto every piece of paper. She had the repair ticket and written on it was the instructions to backup!

    With her data nowhere to be found she just took the laptop home. At least she had her information to reinstall her office and kaspersky. She then asked me if I would take a look at it and at least try to get it updated.

    Whoever tried to say that updates couldn’t be applied either was dumber that a fence post and didn’t know what they were doing, or just lazy and didn’t want to put forth any effort. I got it home, connected it to my network, hit updates and it started downloading and installing updates. Got to the point where I could hit the store and get 8.1. More updates until finally got 8.1 Update, all with no trouble at all.

    I can’t recall how many times I have told people that those protection packages from BB are not worht the money. If you buy something from BB and it breaks, go through the manufacturer’s warranty process. If it has run out of warranty, find someone who’s competent and pay them to fix it. You will be money ahead.

  13. We bought a new laptop Toshibi and the Geek Squad service, 2 yr., at a BestBuy store in Durham, NC. We have to use dialup and explained this to the BestBuy sales and the Geeks. We were told-no problem we would just have to buy a dialup attachment.

    This store is 65mi from our home. Every time we attempted to use GeekSquad by dialup, phone, or Internet, we were told to go to the store as we had dialup and service could not be provided.

    We deceided to cancel Geeks Squad for the remaing one yr with a money back. June 2013 through June 2015. It was indicated to us by BestBuy and GueekSquad that no problem with 1yr money back.

    After the GeekSquad offical notice of cnacellation we called BestBuy and Geek to ask them about the amount of money back. WE WERE TOLD ZERO MONEY BACK ON GEEK AFTER 30 DAY USE. LIES, LIES, LIES!

    I phoned BestBuy in Durham and told them we would never buy from there store again.

    Response;”We at BestBuy really do not care”.

    Maybe a Va Fraud Bureau case.

  14. r young
    Jun 26, 2014


    Geek Squad Mobile Plan – On my FOURTH DEFECTIVE refurbished phone!! They sent me home with No Phone and NO Apology to wait for another REFURBISHED phone. I’ve been a Sprint subscriber for 10 years and I tried Best Buy for the first and LAST time for new phone. WORST mkstake of my life!! BEST BUY does not care about their customers only their bottom line!!!

  15. Absolutely terrible, how are they even still in business?
    My wife dropped her Canon lens and one of the rings inside started moving around. We took it to GeekSquad to the same BestBuy we bought it in and dropped it off on the 29 May. We were told that the repair would be ready by 10 June for pickup, but they will call us for an approval of the costs before that. Nothing happened until the 14th, when I got an email that I need to call CS on a certain number to approve. I called, the lady had no idea about our lens or the costs, she transferred us to the original store we dropped it off at and after some confusion, they managed to pull our file up and we were able to approve the cost. We were told that it would take about a week to get it back, although they were already almost a week late. This was especially disappointing, because we had our wedding on the 18th and would have like to have it by then. We asked if we can get in back anyway and take it someplace else, they said that it’s in the service center and has to be shipped back, so won’t make it before that. Then, on the 18th, we got 4 emails from GS within 2 hours, saying that the device is ready, has arrived, has been picked up (!) and finally, that they are now checking it, an absolute mess!!
    We were on our pre-honeymoon and had to cancel other travels to wait for our device to arrive back. We got back on the 24th and went back to BestBuy to pick it up. It turned our, that service sent it back with a bill and claiming the repairs were done, but no one actually touched it, it was still broken after a whole month!
    We complained to the GS guy and were very upset, and asked for compensation on top of getting our deposit back. He said there is no other form of compensation he could offer, so we told him we want to talk to someone who has authorization to discuss these things. He left, never had anyone come up to talk to us, but in the end, we got a new lens from the store stock and got our refund back. At least they did well in compensating us, but since we’re not getting married and traveling to NYC and Niagara again any time soon, we missed out a lot of memories because of the incompetence of GS. Never again, stay away!

  16. Kristen
    Jun 23, 2014


    0 stars
    I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years. However, over the past few years I have had countless issues with the Geek Squad protection plans, where the associate in the store told me information that was not true in order to get me to purchase their plans. Most recently, I had 2 insurance plans on my cell phone and my husband’s cell phone. I noticed that they had been charging me for 3 plans, so I called and asked them to cancel the plan for my old iPhone 4S (we had upgraded and both had iPhone 5s). The associate I spoke with cancelled the wrong plan and as a result I was left with protection for an iPhone 4S that I no longer had and one iPhone 5. When I called to get the plan reinstated I was told that I was unable to do so since I had requested the cancellation (even though THEY cancelled the wrong plan). I have been calling back for over a week trying to get this resolved and keep getting the same answer. I am an Elite Silver member meaning that I spend roughly $3000 per year at Best Buy. I will never shop at Best Buy again.

  17. I have been busy moving and haven’t had the time to send my THANKS! to Fred from the Potama Yard VA 00493. He went beyond his duties to make sure that my computer was up and running. HE WAS AWESOME!!!

  18. Kurt Knobloch
    Jun 20, 2014


    Comments: I have a situation that is not 30 days old past final date &could not get help.I have been a very Happy Best Buy Verizon customer for over 5 years.I have family & friends using Best buy bragging on customer service.Please look at my account for my 2 Samsung phones.My insurance on my phones was auto pay thru my checking account.I never had to worry about it.Right after father has had serious pancreas problems & I’ve been in & back &forth from out of town hospitals until now.My credit union flagged &canceled my debit card in Feb.from an alert a business I used card at was hacked.As salty issue they changed my number.Most of my auto pmts go thru auto pay do Not use my debit card but just account route&acc number.When I noticed & called to explain what happened, I was told to read my policy & nothing else she could do .I called geek squad 2 times I asked for supervisor & 1st time waited 28 MIN.then it disconnected me.2nd supervisor & 1st time waited 28 MIN.then it disconnected me.2nd time 38 MIN.& I hung up.I was told cancel dates were May 21 & 27.I was told i had up to the 3 months Ins.could have been reinstated.30 days have not passed since then &do not understand why because of these circumstances I couldnt get help re-activating ins.I offered to pay those back months to become current.I was told sorry.I guess i could see if it was 30 days past cancel date but it’s not.I also offered to show Proof from Credit Union letter this is what happend.It was not because of no funds etc.If not the medical family issues ,I’M sure I would have caught this.I asked for another option.Was told there is none &could not give insurance on used phones.These are not some old used phones.It’s the ones I purchased from your store & u covered up to 3 months ago.I hope you can see by my past account history with you I have never gone uninsured on my phones in the past.Because 30 days have not passed from final conf date, someone can still help me.I would appreciate any help you can.I may never have a problem with either Samsung phone till contract is up.This could be free cash to you. 

  19. Valerie
    Jun 17, 2014


    While they may be good for PC, they are terrible with MacBook Pro. Brought mine in twice for the same problem even on the second time told them what I thought it might be after researching the problem on the internet. Paid for the protection and after 1 week was told that it was a bad ram and to take it Apple store!!!!!!
    Took it there they fixed it in 20 minutes for free! I just wasted $169.00 .

  20. Mark Bukovch
    Jun 16, 2014


    Used geek squad to fix my computer that was running slow/freezing. I paid $200 for a year’s subscription and then allowed a tech to take remote control of my desk top. He told me I could step away from my computer if I liked and he would leave a message on the screen when done. Said it would take one to two hours to fix. Returned to my computer an hour later and noticed a blue diagnostic screen on my computer. Sat and waited, assuming they were still working on it. After waiting about 80 minutes, I called geek squad to see what the status was. I was told that our remote session was interrupted and the tech lost the connection. I asked when the tech would finish the job and was told we are quite busy, I’m sure sometime within 24-48 hours I would have a callback and the repair would continue. After being transferred to several people, who were rude, stating their policy was to handle this in this manner, I demanded a refund, which I will receive in 15-20 days. On top of that, my computer was messed up so badly, it took another tech company an hour just to get it to come back up and be able to be fixed. THe second company then fixed my computer in about an hour and said the “fixes” the Geek Squad did were not proper and were the reason it was messed up worse when they were done. I don’t know a lot about the tech aspect, but I do know I will not ever use Geek Squad again, nor will I recommend them. A company that leaves you hanging, looking at a blank screen, with no intention to call you back for 24-48 hours is not a company I want to do business with. After searching for the reviews about geeksquad and finding this page, I was turned on to another computer repair company that was able to fix the problem same day. I dont really want to name them, but if you search around this site and read the reviews, others have mentioned them by name. Good luck with getting your money back from GS!

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