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Please provide a review about your experience with Geek Squad at Best Buy computer repair service. Be sure to

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select a star rating of 1 thru 5 stars taking into considering such factors such as their customer service, price comparison, value, quality of service provided, and any other factors important to you.

Are you an unsatisfied customer? Have you been scammed by Geek Squad? You

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can post a complaint or even post a warning about Geek Squad service to their

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everyone about your experience? Please share your feedback with the online community by posting here.

  1. Janet K.
    May 1, 2015

    Unfortunately, I found this website after my husband had already dropped the computer off at our local Best Buy for repair by the Geek Squad.

    After reading these reviews for a couple hours it became clear that we were experiencing all too similar an experience.

    Ill tell you right off the bat, from day one we experienced problems getting direct answers to our questions and getting our PC repaired.

    In the end, we ended up doing more research on this company and found a few reviews that had suggested a similar service that was all online. The company, Secure Remote, actually repaired our machine and explained that GeekSquad had installed “bloatware” and “spyware” type programs on our machine.

    We are eternally grateful to have found a computer company that can be trusted.

    My suggestion is to find a local computer repair place, or someone like SafePCFix computer repair to repair your computer. In the end, it will be cheaper and less of a headache.

    Good luck to all of you out there, I just hope these reviews reached you before you already got scammed.

  2. richard S
    Apr 29, 2015

    Took a brand new and expensive Dell 7810 workstation to geek squad for a simple 2nd internal hard drive install. When it was finished and I took it home, Windows would not recognize the new drive so i drove all the way back there. They had forgotten to format the new drive. I take it back home and now I get a invalid partition warning and it will not boot.
    Now I am stuck with an expensive thing that does not work. Thank you geek squad.

  3. Bill Davis
    Apr 28, 2015

    “Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company’s business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don’t worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs…. A simple task of installing a new hard drive on the HP laptop left for repair resulted in four missing screws on the underside. Plus the keyboard was not intact (hard to guess what spare parts may have ended up on the work table) and eight keys on the keyboard would not function. Upon return to the store to report the condition I was told “we are not authorized to open the case” …The case had to be opened to install the hard drive…

    These poor young employees are being fed and fattened up on a corporate line of mumbo jumbo that covers up ineptness and a fraudulent business model… eventually the result will be the end of any integrity for the Geek Squad brand and their own employment….One employee obviously attuned to the environmental conditions quietly handed me the business card of a secure remote support. …Needless to say when I checked in with these guys they were friendly, helpful, respectful, knowledgable, quick to diagnose the issue and reasonably priced…now that is a great business model. I have no problem with a referral…Buyer Beware at Best Buy and Geek Squad Agents….

  4. Horrible experience. We had a 2 year support with Future Shop that we paid for. The pin that was on the back of the card hard erased over the time we had the card. They could not find the purchase in their system. They don’t let you see their screen as they are searching. Because I couldn’t not retrieve the PIN I couldn’t use the support. Back to best buy I had to buy another support card “support plus” whatever the —- that means. I spent over three hrs on the phone, saw they accessed my computer. Told me I could step away but check back from time to time. I didn’t step away and saw after 5 min the agent wasn’t on anymore…he shift was over. The next dispatcher could not get into the computer after two hrs no resolve – he then says sorry you have to take it to Best Buy and the 200 I spent for support (that I was assured by best buy, they would resolve the issue) and I would have to pay for the repair. That was estimated at 229 plus tax for diagnostics and clean up – that’s over 400 for support. DO NOT BUY ONLINE SUPPORT. It’s a scam!!! We’ve been scammed.

  5. Austin
    Apr 25, 2015

    Not going to go into detail because I’m currently heated because of my issues with Geek Squad but just let me tell you this much, if you want good tech support that’s on time with their estimates and actually fixes your computer when needed, don’t bother with Geek Squad. Biggest waste of $270 I’ve ever spent, you’re better off with the manufacturers warranty at any rate.

  6. Alain Morin
    Apr 25, 2015

    I wouldn’t even rate the service I got as a one star. I got full service on one of our company laptops. The sales guy told me that if their is an issue with my system they would copy everything on a new laptop so I would have no downtime. Finally I have an issue and they want me to pay for the transfer. I have already paid per month the amount of a new laptop. I didn’t get the service I was promised. I got ripped off.

  7. Denise V
    Apr 23, 2015

    It is very simple the service is not great and you start off with 1 price and when you go in to pick up you computer they charge you double the price you can go out and buy a new computer for a few dollars more also when you talk to them it’s like they are talking down to you I will never buy anything from best buy again.

  8. spoke to Kimberly initially and then was connected to Brent. both were cordial not condescending in any way and resolved my issue. Brent took over and we had a chat session open to track progress .Great having an open conduit for Q and A during the troubleshooting. In Summation:
    Geek Squad, you rock !!!! Great job!

  9. Horrible tech ability. Nice people but unable to fix anything. Just talk and make excuses for lack of competence. They will destroy your laptop’s operation.

  10. Don G.
    Apr 10, 2015

    I have read many of the comments and I agree with most of them. Their service in Fargo and most likely nation wide is a scam. They have destroyed two computers for me in the last three years. I mean destroyed or could not fix them. So as an update, the service hasn’t changed. In fact, if you are a senior citizen in the computer department, you are ignored. If you go to that Geek Squad, well, what can I say? They are very disorganized, unknowlegable for people that work with this stuff every day. But they do know how to back you in the corner. My suggestion is when they shove a piece of paper in front of you, read it before you give them more money to do their job. Oh yes that back up they try to sell you, well, my suggestion is, back it all up yourself. They will sell you a disk, and then back it up. I have owned many computers from these people in recent years, and if someone else comes into fargo (Apple) I would be gone in a breeze.

  11. Lou Arias
    Apr 5, 2015

    I wish I read the reviews prior to dropping my computer off at the Geek Squad in Signal Hill, CA. A few things had happened that made this experience very unpleasant. I dropped my computer off to have a virus removed and before they even looked at it I had to purchase the 1 year service plan and a virus protection they slipped into my basket the cost was $201.67 I thought a little expensive but if they fix the computer okay it was worth it. Next day they contacted me saying my computer had a bad Hard drive( I knew that wasn’t true). and wondering if there was any thing on the HD I wanted them to recover for a small fee $87 . They also said my computer needed a recovery disk and asked if I had one. My reply was no. Then they said I need to get one on my own then bring the recovery disk back to the geek squad so they can install it. My response was “I’m paying you guys to fix my computer instead you break my hard drive shouldn’t you be getting the recovery disk and installing it?” The Geek Squad guy said “no it is your responsibility to get it we Don’t do that” feeling that the Geek wasn’t being truthful and I was being SCAMMED at this point. I took my computer back because for $201.67 I would expect better service. I then left with my computer and went home to read reviews about the Geek Squad. After finding out how horrible they were, I called (as suggested by another user on this site,) for a second opinion. Boy was I surprised when Elizabeth told me there wasn’t anything wrong with my hard drive. I didn’t have to go out and purchase parts for the computer. She was able to remove the virus and optimize Windows 7 and had my computer running better than new within a few hours. My bill came to $149.99, less than the Geek Squad with NO hassle and way better customer service. I did buy the lifetime protection software because they were offering a discount and its a one time charge, instead of paying every year for it. The next day I returned to Geek Squad to get my money back, the Manager lady was extremely rude and would not give me a full refund, She felt that the geeks should be paid for a job/scam well done. She proposed a $130 refund. I said no a full refund because they had misdiagnosed my computer ( a bad hard drive don’t just fix it’s self) or simply tried to scam me for more money , she then just walked away and told the other geeks to walk as well. I still haven’t got my money back but I’m working on it. Sorry Geek Squad I will never use your service ever again nor will I refer anyone.

  12. John K.
    Apr 3, 2015

    My experience with geek squad was not a pleasant one. I already was in a bad mood because of my macbook was having virus problems but when I took it to the local Best Buy/geek Squad they just made matters worse. When they returned my macbook I found that somewhere in the process of them removing the virus’ somehow they managed to delete alot of my personal files and photos. I called pretty upset about this and they claimed to not have touched any of those files. But I know that they were there when I delivered the computer to them. I ended up having to find another recovery service (secureremotesupport[dot]com) to mop up after the Geek Squads mess. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am with the Geek Squad. I am tired of these BIG corporations who advertise repair service and then completely screw their customers. So thanks Geek Squad, it’s finals week and you have forced me to spend money I can’t afford and to have to rewrite a ton of my work.

  13. Seamus Doherty
    Apr 2, 2015

    0 star wasn’t available! Save your money, appalling customer service, they refused to resolve a very simple issue on multiple occasions. Save your money and go elsewhere.

  14. Paul F
    Apr 1, 2015

    So apparently, once your initial coverage expires, you have no option of renewing, even if it’s only two days after. I have to take part of the blame for this, as I didn’t open the notice in time, but really? After paying over $1500.00 for a new Surface Pro 2? The rep told me that there was absolutely no way that they could make an exception. Way to give your customers the finger. Based on the reviews I’ve seen here, perhaps I’m better off not letting them work on my PC anyway. Lame.

  15. I wish there were a way to rate 0 stars. Several years ago, our hard drive crashed. We were assured that they would likely be able to recover the info so we paid to have them retrieve it. After paying for the services, we were told they couldn’t retrieve the information.
    Last year, my wife’s flash drive stopped working properly. Again, we were told that the information should be able to be retrieved and paid for services, but were later told the the flash drive is encapsulated, which makes retrieving the info impossible. They apparently don’t know about the products they sell, because they should have known it was encapsulated based on brand and model number, then advise me that it would be a waste of time and money to try and retrieve the info. But the only thing wasted was my time and money again. Discussed the matter with a Geek Squad rep who said he would get back to me because he didn’t understand the encapsulated thing either. Needless to say, I haven’t heard from him, but then again, I didn’t pay to hear that nothing could be done like other times, so I shouldn’t have been expecting any follow up.
    I hope there are customers that they have actually helped, but I’ll never pay for another service or extended warranty that involves the Geek Squad.

  16. howard richards
    Mar 29, 2015

    bought new microsoft surface pro3 from best buy in soutjhaven ms had a 3weeks and it stopped working carried to best buy geek squad the sent it off to their service center they emailed me all the details in the process then they sent emailed me it was intransit back to the store two weeks later still saying intransit so we called the store it was already there picked it up and the geeksquad had to contact service center to find out what the problem was they said to givre me a new one something wrong with battery so got new one everything working fine 3 weeks after getting it home get registered letter in mail saying we had to pick up item or they would toss it seems to me they need btter communications for their selfves and the customer
    howard r

  17. Gerald M
    Mar 20, 2015

    I called Geek squad because I was having trouble connecting to the printer on my WIFI network. The Geek Squad agent worked for over an hour and finally got the laptop to print on the admin account. The funny thing is I have a tablet that always connects flawlessly. When the agent left he said that both other accounts on the laptop would also print.
    When my wife and I tried to print from our accounts we could not print.
    I checked that both my wife and I had sharing rights and still no printing.
    We called the tech back under warrantee and he could not get either account to connect to the printer. Under total frustration we had him connect as a wired connection.
    When I got the bill I found I was charged as a new service call. When I called to dispute the additional charge I was told it was because the wired connection was a new service and That I must have changed changed settings (shared connections). Give me a break!
    Geek Squad is unreputable and a total rip off as far as I’m concerned. I will call a more competent tech company next time and warn others to concider their business practices before calling them for help. There were a couple of solutions suggested here that came across much better than the geek squad and even told me they would help me get a refund if I needed help.

  18. Don’t use Geek Squad for Cell phone warranty. Go directly with your carrier for 2 reasons: First, Geek Squad’s standard answer to any problem is always to reset back to factory settings when my carrier (Sprint) always looks at the phone and diagnoses the problem. Lazy and frustrating. Second, their warranty ran out after 2 years. My Samsung Note II worked really well for 2 years then 1.5 weeks after the warranty expired (which I did not know it expired) the charging port broke and I had to pay out of pocket. Sprint’s warranty would have simply continued on. All in all it will be much better for you to get your cell phone warranty directly from your carrier.

  19. Scheduled in home service – got message that it would need to be rescheduled after talking to 3 ‘agents’
    was told the only repair person in my area was out until end of March – they would get back with a new
    date to have my machine looked at — a fast way to say good luck and do not bother us – will not renew my contract with them.

  20. Mr. Taylor
    Feb 24, 2015

    I wish I read the reviews prior to dropping my computer off at the Geek Squad in Manchester, CT. A few things had happened that made this experience very unpleasant. I dropped my computer off and before they even looked at it I had to purchase the 1 year service plan and for them to back up my files the cost was $287.00 I thought a little expensive but if they fix the computer okay it was worth it. Next when they tried contacting me about my computer problems they emailed me – think about this for one second. I realize most people have smart phones and other way to access their emails. However, if one dropped their computer off to be fixed. you would think they would have limited ways of getting to view their email. A phone call probably would have been much better option. They said my computer needed a recovery disk and asked if I had one. My reply was no. Then they said I need to get one on my own then bring the recovery disk back to the geek squad so they can install it. My response was “I’m paying you guys to fix my computer shouldn’t you be getting the recovering disk and installing it?” The Geek Squad guy said “no it is your responsibility to get it we do that” feeling very disgusted at this point. I said if you take your broken car to a mechanic to be fixed. Do they call up and have you order the car parts and bring the parts to them for installation? – of course not. So I took my computer back because for $287.00 I would expect better service. I then left with my computer and called an online repair company, To make a long story short They had my computer up and running and back to me within six hours. The kicker was they didn’t email to tell my problem with the computer they called me. I didn’t have to go out and purchase parts for the computer. They were able to repair everything over the internet. My bill came to $158.27 half the price of Geek Squad with less hassle and much better customer service. Sorry Geek Squad I will never use your service again.

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