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Please provide a review about your experience with Geek Squad at Best Buy computer repair service. Be sure to

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select a star rating of 1 thru 5 stars taking into considering such factors such as their customer service, price comparison, value, quality of service provided, and any other factors important to you.

Are you an unsatisfied customer? Have you been scammed by Geek Squad? You

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can post a complaint or even post a warning about Geek Squad service to their

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satisfied Geek Squad Best Buy customer that wants to tell

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everyone about your experience? Please share your feedback with the online community by posting here.

  1. ?Shame on Best Buy for allowing Geek Squad to allow such inept telephone Reps posing as Technicians. When prompted on telephone menu, elected Technical Help only to be serviced by unknowledgeable, often intelligible, poorly trained interns who know less than I do; I get better information by searching the web. Is that what I paid for??

    Once I determined they were a waste of my time, (I got two rookies yesterday) I asked to be transferred to a Tech but they kept insisting they could help me, which they could not so asked again to be transferred to seasoned Tech, was placed on hold and never transferred, just “dead air.”

    My issues ranged from moderate to simple solutions which an experienced Tech could handle in mere minutes.

    Decided to go on line, chat with on line Tech but site kept insisting my password incorrect, I requested password reset and never received reset email, twice!!

    Geek Squad has wasted my time and I will be extremely reluctant to renew my subscription.

    Shame on you!!!!


  2. Stacie
    Sep 27, 2014

    I purchased the protection plan for my cell phone because the sales rep. told me the plan would replace my phone for any damage to my phone including a cracked screen. When I took my phone to have my cracked screen replaced I was told I would need to buy a new phone for $149.99 because they don’t get the parts to replace the screen anymore. This was the same story I got when I called geek squad protections. When I called to cancel the plan I was transferred 3 times and they hung up on me once.. they really need to let people know the limitations of their plans when they market them..

  3. Janet K.
    Sep 26, 2014

    Unfortunately, I found this website after my husband had already dropped the computer off at our local Best Buy for repair by the Geek Squad.

    After reading these reviews for a couple hours it became clear that we were experiencing all too similar an experience.

    Ill tell you right off the bat, from day one we experienced problems getting direct answers to our questions and getting our PC repaired.

    In the end, we ended up doing more research on this company and found a few reviews that had suggested a similar service that was all online. The company, Secure Remote, actually repaired our machine and explained that GeekSquad had installed “bloatware” and “spyware” type programs on our machine.

    We are eternally grateful to have found a computer company that can be trusted.

    My suggestion is to find a local computer repair place, or someone like SafePCFix computer repair to repair your computer. In the end, it will be cheaper and less of a headache.

    Good luck to all of you out there, I just hope these reviews reached you before you already got scammed.

  4. Sherry
    Sep 20, 2014

    Very disappointing computer repair service! I took my hp computer (bought for 6 months) in to replace the fan. My computer was returned but cannot be switched on. Went immediately back to have my computer repaired, and the Geek Squad returned my computer with a cracked screen! Took my computer in for the 3rd time and now am waiting for the cracked screen to be repaired. My computer has been with Geek Squad for more than 2 months now!!! Lucky I have a spare laptop at home. The computer repair service at Geek squad is very disappointing, they’ve managed to damage my computer in a new way every time it gets returned to me.

  5. Eliezer
    Sep 10, 2014

    I have to say I’m completely disappointed with Geek Squad and I highly against recommending it to anyone else. Yes, GS is a scam…I submitted my M17x for a “squeaky clean” cleanage…However, GS failed to do as required and blocked my fan/cooling system…and that was 30$ WASTED. I ended up taking care of their sabotage and undoing the damage. In addition, to anyone bestowing his/her device to GS, I would highly suggest DON’T do that. you’ll be wasting time, and $$$ if you do..

  6. JillOfAll
    Sep 9, 2014

    Scam! Took my laptop in to be repaired and they charged me $35 to “diagnose” the problem. Didn’t even look at it. They guessed based on what guy at store said, replaced a good part, and didn’t even try to boot it up before sending it back. When I went to pick it up it was still broken. Store still wanted me to pay for new part. Needless to say, I won’t be doing business with them or Best Buy ever again.

  7. Mr. Taylor
    Sep 8, 2014

    I wish I read the reviews prior to dropping my computer off at the Geek Squad in Manchester, CT. A few things had happened that made this experience very unpleasant. I dropped my computer off and before they even looked at it I had to purchase the 1 year service plan and for them to back up my files the cost was $287.00 I thought a little expensive but if they fix the computer okay it was worth it. Next when they tried contacting me about my computer problems they emailed me – think about this for one second. I realize most people have smart phones and other way to access their emails. However, if one dropped their computer off to be fixed. you would think they would have limited ways of getting to view their email. A phone call probably would have been much better option. They said my computer needed a recovery disk and asked if I had one. My reply was no. Then they said I need to get one on my own then bring the recovery disk back to the geek squad so they can install it. My response was “I’m paying you guys to fix my computer shouldn’t you be getting the recovering disk and installing it?” The Geek Squad guy said “no it is your responsibility to get it we do that” feeling very disgusted at this point. I said if you take your broken car to a mechanic to be fixed. Do they call up and have you order the car parts and bring the parts to them for installation? – of course not. So I took my computer back because for $287.00 I would expect better service. I then left with my computer and called an online repair company, To make a long story short They had my computer up and running and back to me within six hours. The kicker was they didn’t email to tell my problem with the computer they called me. I didn’t have to go out and purchase parts for the computer. They were able to repair everything over the internet. My bill came to $158.27 half the price of Geek Squad with less hassle and much better customer service. Sorry Geek Squad I will never use your service again.

  8. Joe Biggers
    Aug 31, 2014

    I will never use nor will I refer anyone tom use the Geeksquad. Every time that I have called the Geeksquad there has always been a minimum wait time of 15-20 minutes. Once contact was made, it took 34 minutes just to schedule an appointment. My appointment was for a Saturday morning 8am-12pm. The technician never showed up because the appointment was canceled by the Geeksquad with out notice to me. It took me an excess of 50 minutes for an agent to explain how this happened over the phone. When I wanted to speak to a supervisor I was left on hold for an additional 25+ minutes and then the phone hung up. There was mol follow up call or anything from the Geek squad. Guess they didn’t want to here what I had to say. If they really used those so called recorded calls for training… This would be an epic fail. No stars obviously from me.

  9. bob clark
    Aug 29, 2014

    IT SUCKS spent $200.00need to reload win 8.1 had for a week THEY DID NOTHING SO pissed NEVER GOING INTO BEST BUYES agreat way to rip off NO VALUE

  10. O STARS. BEWARE OF AUTOMATIC VIRUS PROTECTION AUTOMATIC RENEWALS TO YOUR CREDIT CARD! I bought a computer 4 years ago and declined virus protection. As it turned out, the protection was already installed on the computer, and my credit card has been billed annually since then. We finally caught on (my wife pays the bills and I do the computer stuff), and after two phone calls we think it is finally canceled, but we’ve paid nearly as much for the “service” as for the computer originally. I won’t do business with Best Buy again, but if you do READ YOUR RECEIPT CAREFULLY TO SEE IF ANY SERVICE OPTIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED.

  11. The worst possible service EVER. An agent came to our Offices. Our pc’s / laptops needed to be connected to the central printer. When the agent left 2 units could not print and the printer was no longer able to scan. We contacted geek squad – it’s now coming up to 3 days and NOTHING. No help, no suggestion of help, no one has been sent out to to rectify the situation we have been given the run around and passed from pillar to post every time we call. All of the managers hang up or trick us into thinking they are looking into it but actually just transfer me to a call operator who does not have the authority to offer emergency help or send anyone out. We have paid out more than $150 for a call out that resulted in more problems than when the agent came. I find this truly appalling, people should know what, or what not to expect if any follow up assistance is ever required.

    Do your research before hiring anyone to work on your machine. We ended up finding a company listed by a scammed patron here and called them. Safepcfix is based in orange county, but they were able to connect to the printers and the computers and get them all talking to one another. It only took a few hours, but was less expensive than the quoted price, and took less time.

    Dont become a victim!

  12. If there was a zero review I would have given them this because tthat’s all they are worth. A bunch of high school kids at the counters and managers who have no idea what they are talking about. One of there managers told me my s4 had water damage because the sticker on the battery was all WHITE AND IT WAS 150$ to get me a new phone, after 5 minute search online I found that he was wrong and unknowable. Fagus on the phone and in store for 3 weeks until another manger said he will just get me a new phone. Picked the phone up less then 24 hours ago and it doesn’t make phone calls….no sound, not a phone technician by any means but isn’t that the first thing anyone would check?! It’s a phone for PHONE CALLS. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND JUST BUY A NEW PHONE. Way less of a headache and it will be dealt with asap

  13. Sean Terry
    Aug 20, 2014

    Don’t purchase their service….
    and if you do….don’t let them get you for more than a month.

    I called for a quick assist on an issue with Their Webroot … I spent almost an hr on the first call….

    I still haven’t received any “service” but have now been advised re: my request to cancel: “we don’t offer any refunds…”

    of service prepaid for a year????


  14. I arrived at the counter of my local Geek Squad right on time for my noon appointment yesterday, only to stand at the counter for five minutes while one of the squad was helping people without an appointment and the other was helping a person on the phone. After standing at the counter for five minutes, the one on the phone finally came to assist me. Five minutes later the person with an 11:45 appointment finally showed up and the person who was helping me shifted his attention to the person who was 25 min late for their appointment. I stood there in disbelief for several minutes before the other geek squad person seeing that I had been abandoned, walked over and tried to move the process on my laptop forward by pressing a key on my laptop, which turned out to be the wrong key, which caused an even bigger delay. A few minutes later, the geek squad guy who was originally helping me, walked back to my laptop and pulled the thumb drive out of my USB port and then inserted it into the laptop of the people who were 25 min late for their appointment. Several more minutes later the guy finally came back to my laptop with a CD and inserted it into my laptop and started paying attention to me (the guy who showed up on time). At that point, a person with a 12:15 appointment walked up to the counter and was asked to wait in the waiting area. So now there were two customers being delayed because they chose to allow the late people to delay their other customers. A few weeks before that I had been 8 min late for an appointment and I was told I would have to reschedule. I don’t see how any of this was fair or good customer service.

  15. Pamela Siems
    Aug 18, 2014

    I renewed my my webroot through your online renewal but my computer needs an activation code that has not been given to me. A threat has been found, but the software that was renewed over a month ago wil not clear it out. Your online is unavailable, rude, and unhelpful. I will post the problem so that others will not have this problem in the future by not ever using Geeksqud again

  16. 0 stars
    I am glad i just read the reviews today. I had an appointment scheduled a week out. It was for today. Today, i got a call from the Scheduling Department saying “for unforeseen reasons” we are going to have to cancel your appointment. They gave no other explanation, and said they would RE-SCHEDULE me for ANOTHER week out. They would mean that my computer was down for 2 weeks now. Due to there un-professionalism, i decided to research the company more. I will look at this as a blessing in disguise upon reading all the horrible reviews. STAY AWAY from the Geeksquad and go to a more trusted and established online computer repair company. We found an online repair company named, (another reviewer here suggested it.) They were able to repair the computer properly and get us back up and running. All without having to take apart our machine and take it anywhere. The most valuable part to us was that our technician called the manager at best buy and asked them to refund our money because they didn’t fix it correctly. The refund more than paid for the “work” those guys did to our computer.

  17. I bought a laptop for my daughter to use in medical school and purchased the extended warranty with the “black tie” service, top of the line support, blah, blah, etc., etc.. After about 6 months she started having trouble with the WIFI connection so she brought it in for them to fix. They took about a week to tell her there was nothing they could do since it had something to do with driver conflicts. They then informed her that they would have to completely reformat the hard drive which was not possible since my daughter had hundreds of gigabytes of medical videos, photos, lectures and data on the computer which would have to be backed up first. They said no problem, they would back it up for her, FOR $199.00!!?? So, the bottom line, I had already paid many hundreds of dollars up front for the best service and support, but a simple backup was hundreds more??? I really lost it at that point and went in myself to pick up the computer. I had the WIFI running perfectly in a few minutes at home by deleting the old drivers and reloading the latest updates. DO NOT EVER USE GEEK SQUAD. It is a SCAM. They are as dumb as a brick.

  18. From my recent survey on My comments point to the site as much as they do GeekSquad services more broadly. While the site provides a dearth of technical and procedural information, the service itself is sadly and definitively the most egregious display of unprofessionalism I have ever encountered. My device has been ‘in queue’ for over a month, a time that approaches hostage-taking. The site has offered little to no details on the causes of this delay beyond ‘ordering a part.’ Which parts? From where? Surely these parts must be shipping from a neighboring (or worse, distant) planet given their ridiculous lag. Unless my computer is coming back as a super-computer, ready to do battle as well as solve the mysteries of the universe, there can be no justifiable excuse for my experience. The inability to contact the service center also strikes me as orwellian; is your service so poor that you must defend–conceal!–your personnel from the intense criticism that, I imagine, your customers likely volley at your business? I have no doubt that it is. Please pass on this, my response to your service center’s implicit ransom note: send back my computer, in pieces, debilitated and yearning for death, if you must. But, please, send it back. Six weeks is far too long to be without my companion.

  19. Latrice
    Aug 11, 2014

    I recently purchased my Toshiba laptop 6/24/14. I have called Geek Squad several times for mouse pad issues, and programs. I took my pc in on maryland parkway LV,NV 08/9/14 and I was told it would cost me $200 to fix a software issue. I purchased their 2 years warranty and I was told everything is covered. I paid almost 400 for the pc, so Why would I pay you all $200. I called a mgr and she fixed it for free.

  20. Candace
    Aug 11, 2014

    In February, 2014 I bought a Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop from Best Buy in Lynchburg, VA. In June, 2014, four months after purchase, it appeared that the hard drive crashed so I took it back to Best Buy. Since it is, of course, still under manufacturer’s warranty, they ship it off & it comes back with a new hard drive. One month later & I’m back at Best Buy because my computer has crashed again & this time I give them the Toshiba error code that came up – 0xc0000185 –“A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed.” The Squad member notes this on the paperwork & writes to check the connections & motherboard. I go to pick my computer back up & what have they done – replaced the hard drive. I’m no expert, but I’m thinking if 2 hard drives fail in a computer that’s now 6 months old, the problem isn’t the hard drive. I was furious & told the guy that I didn’t feel like the problem had even been addressed & now I basically have a tablet w/ no touch screen because I don’t dare store anything on the computer since I’m just waiting for it to crash again. I posted my complaint to Toshiba & to the Geek Squad. I got a call Saturday from a Geek Squad manager the upshot of which was the hard drive is very delicate & I must be damaging it when I move it the 2’ from my coffee table to the sofa & back (this is literally the only place it’s been outside of taking it to Best Buy & since I live by myself I know nothing’s happened to it while I’m not home). When I asked how it was that millions of people take their laptops to school, to work, traveling, etc. w/o a problem then why couldn’t mine be safely moved 2’, he couldn’t give me an answer. When I suggested that perhaps the computer wasn’t even tested like it was supposed to be, he became very indignant that I had the nerve to suggest the Geek Squad would ever do such a thing! When he called, he said he wanted to know what they could do to remedy the situation. Apparently, actually fixing or replacing the computer or refunding me my money is me being totally unreasonable. I had stated in my posting to the Geek Squad exactly how I wanted the situation remedied so I honestly have no idea why this manager even bothered calling me. I will never, EVER purchase another thing from Best Buy, will be telling everyone I know about the experience & posting this on every board I find so someone else doesn’t go through this.

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